My trusty old 2014 Giant Anthem Advanced. It is more like the SX version now, which they are bringing out for 2015. I was there first with a height adjustable seatpost and a 120mm fork. Its a fast xc/trail bike. It climbs well, and goes pretty well on anything but gnarly DH trails.


I was reading someones blog about the anthem they had built and the fact that they had upgraded the fork to a Rockshox Pike. They also mentioned the fact that the frame had cracked and been replaced on warranty. The crack was located just under the rocker arm pivot bolt on the seat tube. I remember thinking – I had best check mine before I think about any fork upgrades.

Low and behold to the naked eye, there was no crack, phew. Hold on…..shine a light on the area and you can see a very fine crack in the composite. Shiiiiiiiit. I need a warranty replacement frame, on my highly custom built anthem. The shop I bought it from were good about it, and Giant Australia finally agreed to replace it after a few weeks deliberation.

After being told that the replacement frame would be whatever they had in Australia, rather than an identical Advanced 1 frame in stealth black, I was nervous once again. What if they gave me some gross colourway, like the new sx (orange and blue) !?

I got the call saying it was ready to collect and it was the team Advanced frame. Not my top choice, but black, white & blue are some of my favourite colours so let the build commence.

The 120mm reba fork I had been using, I felt was not sufficiently damped and had let me down earlier in the year on a very technical downhill. That episode ended up in a broken wrist (obviously I had to blame it on some bike component :))

I did not want to add much weight but needed more sophisticated suspension damping so I went for a Rockshox Revelation. Ideally i wanted a 130mm but bought a 140mm in a sale with the intention of reducing the travel at a later date. The rest of the build was as per previous, with the exception of a RaceFace Next SL carbon crank. I had always wanted one of these and thought the new build deserved it, lighten the bike some more.

Now it is built up – I love this bike. It climbs well, it is light (approx. 23 lbs) and it has enough of a fork on the front when things get rowdy. The bike is not made for huge jumps but i do not do much jumping anymore so this is fine. Photos below of new build.