So the Stumpy has gone, what am I going to ride in the mountains or on uplift days ? After doing an uplift day on the Anthem, it was clear that I was missing a bigger bike. The research started and then I saw the last of the 2015 Giant Reign 27.5’s being sold off in the Australian market. Due to exchange rates etc these became so cheap in comparison to what I could get in the UK, I had to get one. After calling around most of the shops in Perth, and WA, none had the model and size that I wanted.

I stopped off at TBE one day to look at the latest 2016 models and got talking to the sales guy. After giving me a huge discount (20%) off the RRP, the 2016 model was not much more than the 2015 sale models.

I bought the 3, which has a Rockshox pike fork, but very average components elsewhere. The colours might not be for everyone’s taste, but I like it. Got some sweet stickers to make it more interesting. So “Fresh”. I had much of what was needed from the Stumpy and Anthem, and upgraded the handlebars and got some new wheels built up using my 10 year old Chris king hubs. The running gear is now XT, and the Spank Spike handlebars and Oozy Trail rims for the wheel build.

Cash neutral on this bike after selling all unwanted components as new on ebay and gumtree 🙂

On its maiden voyage the chainset fell apart (must of been hand tightened only) luckily it did not ruin the ride. And I came off it also on the same ride, but that was rider error on a logover.

Now it is in a bike bag and on its way to the UK in a shipping container. Cannot wait to give this bike a few big mountain style outings. I think it is going to rip. 160mm travel and only 29 ish lbs.