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Won’t Back Down – The Steve Peat story

If you have been hiding  under a rock for the last 6 months, maybe you do not know about the new Steve Peat MTB movie, “Won’t Back Down” which was released in June this year. After not being able to track down a copy I rented a copy on ITunes and watched it this weekend.

The documentary style movie, made by Clay Porter delves back into the early days of downhill racing and closely tracks Steve’s career up to the present day. Using a lot of old race footage, it shows the close rivalry between Nico Vouilloz, and the obvious influences from the likes off Jason McRoy and Shaun Palmer.

I have been a fan for many years so it was great to see some of the early footage of particular events and races (and world champs attempts) that I had only read about previously. The story was told very well, and with real passion for the man from his friends, relatives and competitors. He has had some real achievements during his 21 year career at the top of the sport. He holds the title for the most world cup wins, and probably has the biggest following. At the age of 40  he still rides in the top 10 on the world cup circuit !. It is no surprise that he has inspired so many people in the sport, and would be a big driver in the UK churning out so many podium worthy riders over the last 10 years.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who follows downhill racing, or wants to know a bit more behind the MTB legend that is Steve Peat.


90’s Nostalgia – Sprung Mountain Bike videos

If you don’t know about the Sprung videos in the 90’s maybe your head was buried somewhere, or you were still in nappies. Either way they are worth a watch. They were the one of the first well edited mountain bike movies, with a banging breakbeat & funk soundtrack and interesting shoots at locations and races around the world. This is before the sport took itself too seriously and before the whole thing became a professional polished machine like it is now. Sprung 1 & 2 have been on youtube for a while now, but 2 weeks ago they have just added Sprung 3, 4 & 5 also. Great to watch whilst on the trainer 🙂

Enjoy !

Links below:

Sprung 1 –
Sprung 2 –
Sprung 3 –
Sprung 4 –
Sprung 5 –

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