When world renowned scientists are performing an experiment and trying to obtain a desired result, they are very careful about what they change between each time they repeat the experiment. They change one factor at a time, so that they can gauge what has caused the result they receive. They would never change many factors at the same time as they would not know what caused the desired result.

I wish I had adopted this policy in early January 2014, when I went to Turner Hill with a buddy to do a few laps of the track there. I was on a new bike, with new tyres, on a new track, and riding with SPD clip in pedals for the first time (on an mtb anyway). It is really no wonder I had a parting with the bike. If you know how unpredictable WA pea gravel is, then you know how easy it is to under steer or lose control of the front of the bike. This is exactly what I was faced with, the front of the bike sliding out and to avoid falling on rocks or hitting the fast approaching tree, I snapped my foot out of the SPD clip at such a speed that my body was not ready, and I could feel that something tear in my ankle.

After a visit to the GP, an ultrasound and starting Physio it was confirmed that I had some minor damage to my achilles, there was a visible lump in the side of tendon 😦 Boo hoo.

It is now nearly 4 months later and I am still not back on a mountain bike. However, thanks to the good work of my 2nd Physio (I sacked the first one), a lot of exercises and daily icepacks it is now getting stronger and the tendon is slowly repairing. After a few test rides and flare ups, I have now got to the point where a 5km road ride is ok, and I have been doing this every 2 days. I was pleased to be told this week that this weekend I should try a 10km road ride and see how it responds. It has been a very painful and slow recovery, and it has been so frustrating to be off the mountain bike for such a pathetic little injury.

I have gone over the whole thing in my head a million times. The sad thing is in 4 months if I had of properly stacked it and broken bones, they would most likely be healed by now. Obviously in retrospect, I probably should have adopted the scientists approach. One thing at a time. Slowly, slowly catch that monkey………….