Welcome to my blog.

After being off the bike for a few months due to injury, I decided to put this site together and share some of my MTB related photos, fixes, experiences and thoughts with you.

I have built and ridden a lot of bikes (that doesn’t necessarily mean I am a good rider !) and have been fortunate to ride in many different countries whilst traveling.

I am always looking for ways to improve my bikes, and often have to find effective solutions to overcome either budget constraints or a lack of parts availability in the marketplace.

If you love riding, building, buying or reading about mountain bikes, hopefully there may be something here for you.

Enjoy !


PS. If anyone has good ideas for articles or wants to submit an article please get in contact.

PPS. If any friends that are reading happen to have any old biking pictures of us from back in day or the early Les Gets trips, please send them over to me 🙂